Via YouTube, a look at how boxer Joe Louis changed golf forever: Joe Louis had retired from boxing by 1952. He was age 38. The fight game wasn’t the only sport where Louis excelled. He was a 2 handicap golfer. When he wanted [...]

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January 2024
Via, a look at how Laura Diaz, the LPGA’s senior director of foundation operations and DEI is addressing barriers around golf so there is access for all women to play: Laura Diaz took her first golf lesson on her [...]
As reported by The Athletic, Steph Curry grew up playing around Black golfers — his father and other family members, other NBA players. But when he started playing junior tournaments, and three years of high school golf at [...]
Via Andscape, a report on an initiative aimed at increasing diversity in professional golf: After calculating the distance to the flag on the 18th hole, Marcus Byrd felt confidence. He had a two-stroke lead and a nearly [...]